1024programmer Java js import and export excel (example code)_javascript skills-js tutorial

js import and export excel (example code)_javascript skills-js tutorial


The code is as follows:


The code is as follows:

function AutomateExcel()
// Start Excel and get Application object.
var oXL = new ActiveXObject(“Excel.Application”) ;
oXL.Visible = true;
// Get a new workbook.
var oWB = oXL.Workbooks.Add();
var oSheet = oWB.ActiveSheet;
// Add table headers going cell by cell.
oSheet.Cells(1, 1).Value = “First Name”;
oSheet.Cells(1, 2).Value = ” Last Name”;
oSheet.Cells(1, 3).Value = “Full Name”;
oSheet.Cells(1, 4).Value = “Salary”;
// Format A1:D1 as bold, vertical alignment = center.
oSheet.Range(“A1”, “D1”).Font.Bold = true;
oSheet.Range(“A1”, “D1”).VerticalAlignment = -4108; //xlVAlignCenter
// Create an array to set multiple values ​​at once.
// Fill A2:B6 with an array of values ​​(from Vbscript).
oSheet.Range(“A2”, “B6”).Value = CreateNamesArray();
// Fill C2:C6 with a relative formula (=A2 & ” ” & B2).
var oRng = oSheet.Range(“C2”, “C6”);
oRng.Formula = “=A2 & ” ” & B2″;
// Fill D2:D6 with a formula(=RAND( )*100000) and apply format.
oRng = oSheet.Range(“D2”, “D6”);
oRng.Formula = “=RAND()*100000”;
oRng.NumberFormat = ” $0.00″;
// AutoFit columns A:D.
oRng = oSheet.Range(“A1”, “D1”);
// Manipulate a variable number of columns for Quarterly Sales Data.
// Make sure Excel is visible and give the user control
// of Excel’s lifetime.
oXL.Visible = true;
oXL.UserCOntrol= true;

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