1024programmer Java Go shared memory mechanism

Go shared memory mechanism

Lock example in Java

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Lock concept in Go

package main import ("sync ""testing""time"
)func TestCounter(t *testing.T) {counter := 0for i := 0; i <5000; i++ {go func() {counter++}()}time.Sleep( 1*time.Second)t.Logf("counter = %d", counter)
}func TestCounterThreadSafe(t *testing.T) {counter := 0var mut sync.Mutexfor i := 0; i <5000; i++ {go func() {defer func() {mut.Unlock()}()mut.Lock()counter++}()}time.Sleep(1 *time.Second)t.Logf("counter = %d" , counter)
}func TestCounterWaitGroup(t *testing.T) {var wg sync.WaitGroupvar mut

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