1024programmer Java go daily news (20210708) – Go reading list

go daily news (20210708) – Go reading list

Daily proverb:Go offer enough sugar to be productive, but not too much.

go Chinese website daily news–2021-07-08

1. Go Language Chinese Website

  1. Step-driven evaluation similar to table-driven testing in Go

  2. What you don’t know about Go’s pprof

2. The evolution history of the runner-up

  1. Go Technology Daily (2021-07-07)——dtm: Chinese open source distributed transaction framework

3. CloudNativeCommunity

  1. How to debug microservices in Kubernetes – proxy, sidecar or service mesh?

Four. luozhiyun is cool

  1. endless How to restart Go program without stopping?

5. k8s technology circle

  1. Tekton and Argo CD combine to implement GitOps

6. The brain is fried

  1. The disaster of microservices& #xff1a;It’s a great experience,But the service is too small…

Seven. polarisxu

  1. Netizens are very powerful , discovered the bug of concurrent downloading in Go

Source: https://studygolang.com/go/godaily

GOCN Daily News–2021-07-08

1. GO module usage practice in privatized warehouses

2. Go reading list

3 .sync.RWMutex implementation and usage instructions

4.Go uses WasmEdge to embed WASM

5.go-doudou decentralized microservice agile development framework

Source : https://gocn.vip/news


1. Three methods of end-to-end tracking

2 .Open a new chapter of cloud-native MOSN—integrating Envoy and Go ecosystem

3. Use Go to copy 1 million Redis keys in 2 minutes

4.Calico: utilizes new Various advantages of eBPF data plane

5. YouTube video :Tools and techniques for backend migration

6. Elf binary infector written in Go

7. Data structure visualization

8. Run database migration when deploying to Kubernetes

Source: https://gopher-daily.com/issues/last

  • Archive address:https://github.com/Han-Ya-Jun/gocn_news_set

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    Evolutionary History of Runner-up

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