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How to learn django

This article shares with you the content about learning methods of Django. The editor thinks it is quite practical, so I share it with everyone for reference. Let’s follow the editor to have a look.

Django, as a mature website and network application development framework, has large and comprehensive modules and functions. It is very common for novices who are just engaged in website development or just familiar with the Python language to find it difficult to learn Django.

For more Django introductory tutorials, you can refer to this guide: “A Complete Django Getting Started Guide” series of tutorials (Chinese version)

1: Always remind yourself that the remaining He who is king

The Internet era is an era in which the leftover is king. The competition was fierce, and in the end those who were left became famous and became heroes. Because of this, Meituan and Didi are what they are today. Competition among programmers also exists from time to time. When you find Django difficult, others will find it difficult too. In the end, only those who continue to learn and master Django’s core technology can stand out in interviews and actual work. Those who give up halfway will never achieve anything. Only persistence can win.

Two: Master the necessary basic website development knowledge

Jumping learning is a very tiring thing. Before learning Django web development, you must already have some basic language and knowledge of website development. This knowledge includes front-end HTML, CSS languages ​​and back-end SQL and Python. Javascript is not required, you don’t need to know it first. For online tutorials, you can check out Novice Programming and W3CSchool. For Python, you must be familiar with object-oriented programming. When you find Django difficult, it is recommended to re-learn these basic knowledge until you can understand the code of the simplest Django APP.

Three: Learn and digest the basic knowledge of Django step by step

Django’s 5 basic core technologies include model (Model) The design, URL configuration, View (view) writing, Template (template) design and Form (form) use. Advanced technologies include user authentication and authorization, backend design and management, data caching, file processing and server-side configuration, etc. It is recommended to learn the basics first and then consider using advanced techniques. If you want to continue learning Django, the best way is to subscribe to the editor’s WeChat public account Django Master Road. I will often push you the basics of Django, share website design ideas and code interpretation, and help you learn and fly. .

Four: Start with a simple APP and read more Django project code

After you master the 5 core elements of Django After mastering the technology, you can start trying to develop some simple network applications. You can start with common functional apps on websites, including user registration and login, blog and news management, online article search, online surveys, user messages and comments, etc. If you don’t want too much frustration, you can look at other people’s code before working on your own project. Later, I will share the code that I use Django to develop the basic functions of these websites. It is strongly recommended that you type these codes yourself. Only the code you have written is yours.

Five: There is no end to learning, don’t think you are slow

Many people will ask how long it takes to master Django. Core Technology? Some videos on the Internet claim to teach you in 2 hours. I don’t believe it. Genius also requires a certain amount of knowledge accumulation, not to mention that we are not geniuses. Perseverance will pay off.

Thank you for reading! This is where I share the learning methods of Django. I hope that the above content can be of some help to everyone, so that everyone can learn more knowledge. If you think the article is good, you can share it so that more people can see it!

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