1024programmer Java Allow Milestone programs to use GooglemapAPI

Allow Milestone programs to use GooglemapAPI

The Chinese version of Milestone has always had the problem that programs other than Google applications cannot use the Google map API. The solution mentioned in the article reprinted earlier is to flash the European version of ROM. This is indeed feasible, but a pure English version No matter how you use the system, you will feel unhappy. After trying for a long time, I finally developed a system that is basically Chinese and supports Google map API.

In Android, except for the core libraries in the Android runtime, basically all Java class libraries are in the framework. The corresponding folder in the mobile phone is /system/framework. Since I am a novice and don’t have much time After careful study, it can only be solved by overwriting. Proceed as follows.

1. Download the 36 base package MileStone Android 2.1 UK_02_36 and the final version ROM from the link below


2. Flash the 36 base package, MileStone Android 2.1 UK_02_36. For flashing tutorials, please refer to: http://www.itfunz.com/thread-12821-1-1.html

3. At this time, the system is the original European version, and then obtain root permissions.

4. Install a file manager, copy the entire /system/framework folder to the SD card, and then copy it to the computer. By the way, copy /system/app/browser.apk (because the Chinese version of the browser will have problems, so use the original browser).

5. Copy the itfunzupdate folder and update.zip in the final version to the root directory of the SD card.

6. Use the framework folder copied previously to overwrite itfunzupdate/system/framework on the SD card. Overwrite itfunzupdate/system/app/browser.apk with the copied browser.apk.

7. Enter recovery and wipe.

8. Then update.

Then it’s done~ However, I found that the interface for locking, unlocking and switching the machine is still in English, but it’s already very happy. Try the software using Google Maps API.

After comparing the framework folder in the original Terminator package and the European version original package, I found that there are only a few differences. Both have the jar package of Google Map API. It is estimated that the fundamental problem of Google map api lies in it. It may not be registered in the Chinese system. It still needs answers from various experts.

PS: I have always wanted to add the jar package of google map api to my project as a third-party package, but it has always failed. Even if I use libraries, I cannot successfully package it into an apk, and I can only keep refreshing it. system. Milestone is stupid! Why does SAMSUNG i9000 come with Google API!


Later, the current 2.2.1 Chinese ROM on itfunz supports Google API, because they changed the previous method of directly replacing the framework~~It’s great~

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