1024programmer Java Wanju.com is currently also developed based on the Django framework of Python.

Wanju.com is currently also developed based on the Django framework of Python.

Lao Xiong wrote “Python’s 1234”. It happened that I also said it yesterday when I was chatting with Saber. Now most of you tu be are python; pownce is also python. django. This comparison facilitates rapid development. Although Douban is not based on Django, it is also python. Gmail is also python.

NowWanju‘s micro-content aggregation version It is developed based on the Django framework of Python. It can indeed achieve rapid web development, which is very convenient, and it is also easy to embed memcached. The problem with Django is that the version is still only 0.95, 0.96, etc., and it has not reached 1.0. Judging from its handling of newform, there are still version compatibility issues.

Appendix: python 1234

1. Look at Python because it is one of Google’s three major languages.

2. Python wrote a thread pool to perform spider-like work. The overall code volume is basically equivalent to about 1/3 of Java.

3. I already knew that you tu be was developed using python, and I saw you tu be’s architecture extension I learned more about its load capacity, which was beyond expectation.

4. The currently very popular Pownce is developed using python’s Django web framework.

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