1024programmer Java User data is backed up to Google Drive under the “Backup” category

User data is backed up to Google Drive under the “Backup” category

I’m doing some R&D on backing up user data to Drive. User data means dbs or content they themselves have created using the app. I want this to basically preserve the data in case the user changes the device or throws it away In the ocean or anywhere else.

I googled and found the Application Folder API, which uses hidden folders. I checked my Drive and found something interesting. Some applications are using application folders to store their data; It’s normal.

Normal application

However, some apps, such as WhatsApp, have their data backup specifically listed under the “Backup” category.

WhatsApp Backup

I searched for the diff and didn’t find anything. I was wondering how to get a backup under the “Backup” category and this seemed like a perfect choice. It also provides extra information and options when selecting certain backups.

Any ideas? What might be the difference between these two? How to get backup under “Backup” category?

Update: I think Drive provides special handling for WhatsApp backups so they appear separately with phone data backups. After reading this recent news, I’m just guessing. Please provide input on this Some instructions.

1> Xiaozhi..:

For Android, try using the automatic backup app.

Automatic Backup preserves app data by uploading it to the user’s Google Drive account, which is protected by the user’s Google Account credentials. Data volume is limited to 25MB per app user, and there is no charge for storing backup data No fees.

Users can view a list of apps that have been backed up in the Google Drive app under Settings -> Automatic backup of apps -> Manage backups.

This is not what I want. This is about App Data, I’m specifically asking about user data. In short, I want a backup mechanism like WhatsApp.

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