1024programmer Java DjangoChannelsServer configuration: Ubuntu. Handshake 404

DjangoChannelsServer configuration: Ubuntu. Handshake 404

I’m trying to configure a Django channel to run on my ubuntu server (Digital Ocean).

My Redis server is running port 6379. Daphne endpoint listens to unix:/home/mysite/sockets/mysite.sock with HTTP/2 support enabled (not sure, needed at this stage) I also have a ./manage.py runworkerListening. My daphne running command is

daphne -u /home/mysite/sockets/mysite.sock project.asgi:channel_layer

My http request goes through (in daphne log), just like in local environment

#local - - [09/Oct/2017:21:03:41] "GET /playground/channel-simple" 200 1826

 #server (side note. not sure why port + host are eliminated here.?)
 None - - [09/Oct/2017:21:53:51] "GET /playground/channel-simple" 200 1622

But when I request the websocket URL via js, everything crashes…

#local - - [09/Oct/2017:21:03:43] "WSCONNECTING /chat/private-room/" - - - - [09/Oct/2017:21:03:43] "WSCONNECT /chat/private-room/" - -

 None - - [09/Oct/2017:21:54:04] "GET /chat/private-room/" 404 86

Seems like the request is being treated as an http request rather than a websocket connection? This is also the js console log…

#server - js response to connection
 WebSocket connection to 'ws://[MY-IP]/chat/private-room/' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 404

Can anyone suggest where to fire this 404? Or any tips on debugging.

Thank you.

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