1024programmer Java About Django, how to solve it

About Django, how to solve it

About Django
I heard that Django is a very useful web framework written in Python.

I am going to use PHP to develop a website. I’m looking for a better framework.
Excuse me, can this Django be used only in Python development, or can it be used in all web development?

Can I use Django in PHP development?



Being a Python Web framework, Django requires Python.

Django is a Python web framework. I personally think it is faster to develop with PHP. I have developed with Django once before, but it is more difficult without a Python foundation. It took me a long time when I first started using Django. Django is based on the mvc model. If you are a novice, it is recommended not to use it, because you don’t even know why you need mvc and what are the benefits of mvc. However, python’s data structure is very powerful and very easy to use. If you are proficient, you can use django very quickly. , and I personally feel that python is born with linux, so. .

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