1024programmer Java Google executive satirizes new version of Facebook as copying Google+

Google executive satirizes new version of Facebook as copying Google+

Facebook on Thursday launched its latest News feed feature targeting mobile devices.
Facebook released its latest News feed feature on Thursday.

Public taunting on Google+ by Google SVP of Technical Infrastructure Urs Holzer
Urs Holzer, Google’s senior vice president of technology infrastructure, publicly mocked him on Google+

Morning news, Facebook launched a new version of the “News Feed” design this week. However, the design is believed to be copied from Google’s social network Google+.

Urs Holzle, senior vice president of technical infrastructure at Google, said: “It’s great to see Mark Zuckerberg promoting Google+. Imitation is the best form of flattery.”

While tech companies borrow each other’s designs, and there aren’t many effective ways to display images on the web and mobile devices, Facebook’s new design does resemble Google+. But Facebook’s new design may please users because it provides more user control.

Before launching the new feed design, Facebook has stated that the new design will be able to display larger photos and videos, bringing a richer media experience. Jeff Semones, president of social media marketing company M80, had previously predicted: “The new News Feed will look similar to Google+. No one will admit it, but Facebook has attended Google’s school to learn how to win. Advertising market.”

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