1024programmer Java HTML5 web game technology Google Chrome Web Store is about to be completed

HTML5 web game technology Google Chrome Web Store is about to be completed

(Picture/Excerpted from TechCrunch website)

Google revealed its Chrome OS in November last year, and also mentioned that it would launch an online store for users to pay or download for free to expand Chrome OS functions. At the Game Developers Conference this year, it also demonstrated its HTML5 technology for rendering web games. It was revealed at the conference that the Chrome Web Store would be launched in October. Recently, Google has begun to notify developers in the United States to link their expected App programs to Google Checkout and allow program content to be previewed online (Google also pointed out that preview projects should include App icons, detailed descriptions, content screenshots or displays image)

There is still no further actual launch time, but at least it is certain that Google has reminded developers to prepare to upload App-related introduction content. The day when you can see the Chrome Web Store screen should not be far away?

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