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Why Learn Photoshop – Other Tutorials

Adobe ps, referred to as “PS”, is an image processing software developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. PS mainly deals with digital images composed of pixels. Use its numerous editing and drawing tools to edit pictures more efficiently.
​Professional evaluation
PS has a wide range of applications, including image processing, video, and publishing. The specialty of PS lies in image processing, not graphic creation; it is necessary to distinguish the two concepts; image processing is the editing and processing of existing bitmap images and the use of some special effects, and its focus is on the processing of images; Graphic creation software uses vector graphics to design graphics based on your own ideas and creativity. This type of software mainly includes Illustrator, another famous software from Adobe, and Freehand from Macromedia; psCreative Suite 5.5 is now on the market.
Graphic design
Graphic design is the most widely used field of PS. Whether it is the cover of the book we are reading, or the posters and posters we see on the street, these graphic prints with rich images basically require PS software to process the images. ​
Repair photos
ps has powerful image modification functions. Using these functions, you can quickly repair a damaged old photo, or repair defects such as spots on a person’s face. With the popularization of digital electronic products, graphics and image processing technology is gradually being used by more and more people, such as beautifying our photos, creating personalized photo albums, repairing damaged pictures, etc. ​
Advertising photography
Advertising photography is a kind of work that has very strict visual requirements. The final product often needs to be modified by PS to achieve satisfactory results. The conception and expression of advertising are closely related. Once you have a good idea, you need to use software to complete it, and most advertisements are completed through image synthesis and special effects technology. Through these technical means, the theme of advertising can be expressed more accurately. ​
Packaging design
Packaging, as the first image of a product, is first displayed in front of customers and is called the “silent salesperson”. Only after customers are attracted by the product packaging and check it out, will they decide whether to buy it. It can be seen that packaging design is very important. of.
The use of image synthesis and special effects makes products more conspicuous on the dazzling shelves, achieving the effect of attracting customers. As shown in the picture, there are several excellent packaging designs. ​
Illustration design
PS has enabled many people to start using computer graphics design tools to create illustrations. The functions of computer graphics software allow them to give greater play to their creative talents. Whether it is simple or complex, whether it is traditional media effects, such as oil painting, watercolor, print style, or digital graphics, endless new changes and new interests can be more convenient. Done faster. ​
Image creativity
Image creativity is the specialty of PS. Through PS processing, objects that were originally unrelated can be combined together, and the image can also be changed beyond recognition using the method of “civet cat for prince”.
 Artistic text
When text is processed by PS, it is destined to no longer be ordinary. You can use PS to make various changes to text, and use these artistically processed texts to add effects to images. Using PS to creatively design text can make the text more beautiful and have a strong personality, which greatly enhances the appeal of the text. ​
Web page production
The popularity of the Internet is an important reason why more people need to master PS. Because ps is an essential web image processing software when making web pages. ​
When producing architectural renderings that include many three-dimensional scenes, characters and scenery, including the colors of the scenes, often need to be added and adjusted in PS. ​
Because PS has good painting and coloring functions, many illustration designers often use pencils to draw drafts, and then use PS coloring methods to draw illustrations.
In addition, the pixel paintings that have become very popular in recent years are mostly works created by designers using PS renderings. Animation design has become very popular in recent years, and more and more enthusiasts have joined the ranks of animation design. The powerful functions of PS software make it irreplaceable in the animation industry, from the initial image setting to the final rendering output. Can’t live without it. ​
Processing of three-dimensional texture images
In 3D software, if you can create a sophisticated model, but you cannot apply realistic textures to the model, you will not be able to get a good rendering effect. In fact, when making materials, in addition to relying on the material function of the software itself, it is also very important to use PS to create suitable materials that cannot be obtained in 3D software.
Wedding photo design
Currently, more and more wedding photo studios are beginning to use digital cameras, which also makes wedding photo design processing an emerging industry. ​
Visual creativity
Visual creativity and design is a branch of design art. This type of design usually does not have a very obvious commercial purpose. However, because it provides a broad design space for the majority of design enthusiasts, it is becoming more and more popular.More and more design enthusiasts have begun to learn PS and create visual creativity with personal characteristics and style. The visual design gives the viewer a strong visual impact, triggers the viewer’s infinite associations, and gives the reader a high level of visual enjoyment. The main tool for making this type of work is undoubtedly ps. ​
Icon production
Although using ps to make icons feels a bit overkill, the icons made using this software are indeed very beautiful. ​
Interface design
Interface design is an emerging field that has attracted more and more attention from software companies and developers. Although it has not yet become a new profession, I believe that there will be a professional interface designer profession soon. Currently, there is no professional software for interface design, so most designers use this software.
The above lists 13 major areas of application of this software, but in fact its applications are more than just these. For example, as of 2011, this software has also been used in film and television post-production and 2D animation production.
If you often surf the Internet, you will see that many interfaces are very simple in design and look very comfortable; some interfaces are also very creative and can bring visual impact to people. The design of the interface must not only be creative in appearance to achieve the purpose of attracting people, but also combine the relevant principles of graphics and layout design, thus turning the interface design into a unique art.
In order to make the interface effect meet people’s requirements, designers need to use graphics synthesis and other effects in the interface design, and then use special effects to make it more beautiful.

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