1024programmer Photoshop Use PS filter to create a very beautiful purple highlight swirl – filter drawing

Use PS filter to create a very beautiful purple highlight swirl – filter drawing

Source: Zakuu Author: Acmilan10
There are also many introductions to the production methods of swirl effects on the Internet, but the author’s ideas are more flexible, not only incorporating gorgeous lens flares; but also using copying layers, changing angles, overlays, etc. to enrich the layering of the picture. The result is very gorgeous.
Final effect

1. Create a background layer: First create a new document, the size can be customized, I set 800 × 800 pixels, set the foreground color and background color to #b38adb, #212121 respectively ;Perform the “Filter”-“Render”-“Clouds” operation until you are satisfied with the effect.

2. “Lens Flare” filter application: Then execute “Filter” – “Rendering” – “Lens Flare”, default settings. Do the above again while adjusting the position of the halo. as the picture shows.

3. Come down and execute “Filter” – “Distort” – “Rotate Distortion”, the angle is 250; you can try other settings, which will have different effects.

4. Copy layer, rotate, adjust layer mode:

Copy the background layer and execute “Edit” – “Transform” – “Rotate 90 degrees (clockwise)”, and adjust the layer mode. You can set different images such as “Overlay”, “Soft Light” and “Bright Light” according to your personal preferences. Layer mode, this tutorial uses the “overlay” mode.

5. Duplicate the background layer and rotate it clockwise.

6. Final adjustment work:

Merge all layers (it is best to back up the original layer); copy the merged layer, and then execute “Filter” – “Blur” – “Gaussian Blur”. The best value should be between 2.0-5.0. Inside, adjust the layer mode to “Overlay”.

7. Copy the merged layer and place it on the layer where the operation is performed. Then go to “Filter” – “Distort” – “Displace” and set the scale to 10. The replacement file provided.

8. Adjust the layer mode to “Overlay” or “Soft Light” and choose the effect yourself. Set the transparency to: 50-80% to complete the final effect.

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