1024programmer Photoshop Photoshop brushes turn MM into a fairy tale princess – effect tutorial

Photoshop brushes turn MM into a fairy tale princess – effect tutorial

Photoshop brushes turn MM into a princess in a fairy tale. A picture that originally had a poor effect was transformed into a photo through simple modifications of Photoshop The MM in it is full of vitality! And also added some starry sky effects! This tutorial is mainly about practicing the use of brush and the simple application of lasso tool. Friendly reminder: The brushes used in this article will be available for download at the end of the article.
Original image

Open the original image and use the lasso tool first Select the mouth of the character and perform feathering settings.

Adjust the color of the lips, use Image-Adjustments-Change, click red and yellow.

Next, adjust the character’s skin color to make it brighter, select the character’s skin, and then Just adjust the curve and brighten it.

Next adjust the background, first select the background , feathering settings.

Choose a color.

Create a new layer, set the mode to Overlay, and use a black and white brush to draw the background. Press Ctrl H to hide the selection. Pay attention to transitions where characters and background connect.

Use a soft brush with a transparency of 50% to paint the character The clothes are brighter.

Use the brushes we provide to make your clothes dreamy , also repair the pearl chain to have a certain luster.

Create a new layer and change the mode Set to soft light, use the provided brush, and set the color (#2FA9B4 transparency to 50%.

Modify the background, the effect is as follows.

Create another layer and find some star-shaped brushes. It’s not hard to find! Add some dreamy starry sky special effects

to the picture. highlight>.

Final rendering�Turn decay into magic!

The brushes used in this tutorial are provided Download: Attachment: Your user group cannot download or view attachments

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