1024programmer Photoshop Use Photoshop to create old photo effects – nostalgic style

Use Photoshop to create old photo effects – nostalgic style

Use Photoshop to create old photo effects

Software version: PS CS2.

In this tutorial we will learn how to quickly create an old photo effect.

Vintage Image Start

Step 1:

If your picture is on the background layer, select the menu “Layer >> New >> Background Layer”.

Step 2:

Create a new layer, press the “D” and “X” keys on the keyboard to set the background color to Black, Layer >> New >> Background Layer.

Step 3:

Select the layer where the picture is located and click the “Add Layer Mask” button to set the background color to 50% gray .

50% Gray

50% Gray

Filter>> Render>> Clouds.

Filter >> Noise >> Add noise and set as shown below.

Add noise

Step 6:

Press the “D” key to get the default foreground and background colors, Filter >> Render >> Clouds. Filter >> Render >> Fiber.

Fiber Levels

Image>> Adjustment> > Color levels.

Fiber Levels




Other attributes Set as shown below.

Gradient Overlay

Complete effect:

Vintage Image Final

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