1024programmer Photoshop Photoshop adds snowy beauty to landscape photos – elemental effects

Photoshop adds snowy beauty to landscape photos – elemental effects

Photoshop Adds Snowy Beauty to Landscape Photos In this example, we use Photoshop to turn a spring landscape photo into a winter snowy beauty.

1. Open the photo of the snow scene you want to create in Photoshop.


Second, open the channel and select a channel with a softer and clearer gradient (I After doing N tests, generally the green channel is more suitable), copy this channel to generate a green copy


Third, execute Filter – Artistic Effects – Film Grain on the green copy. Adjust the parameters yourself to see how much snow you want.

Fourth, return to the layer, create a new layer, execute selection-load selection, select the green copy of the channel, and then fill it with white (if you have to make red snow, fill it with red, hehe), and then Cancel the selection and see if there is snow.

5. At this time, the snow always feels fake and has no thickness. It doesn’t matter, go on…


Adjust the shadow (too many tables)…


Merge the layers and adjust the overall color brightness and so on as you like. How about it? Does it work well?


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