1024programmer Photoshop Use photoshop to process retro photos – retro style

Use photoshop to process retro photos – retro style

Using photoshop to process nostalgic photos

In the past two days, I have reprocessed a set of photos taken last year and recorded the processing process. I hope you don’t think it is too simple.


Step 1: Reduce the original image proportionally. My choice is 600*450 pixels.
. After zooming out, select Sharpening >> USM Sharpening in the filter (if it is not very blurry, use the default parameters, otherwise adjust it according to the actual situation.)
Then we need to adjust the picture to For black and white, just select Image>>Adjust>>Decolor (keyboard shortcut CTRL SHIFT U) to achieve the black and white effect.

(Figure 1)

Step 2: Then we need to adjust the curve, select Image>>Adjust>>Curve (keyboard shortcut CTRL M ) can be adjusted. The parameters I used are (Figure 2).

(Figure 2)

Step 3: We need to adjust the color balance, select Image>>Adjustment>>Color Balance (the keyboard shortcut CTRL B can be adjusted, I use Parameters (Figure 3).

(Figure 3)

Step 4: Click on the layer panel to create a new layer in the area framed by the red circle 1, and then set the foreground color of the toolbar to: foreground color #fff7f0; set the background color to: background color #b99d84; Then select Filter>>Render>>Clouds. The final effect is as shown in (Figure 4)

(Picture 4)

Step 5: Select Filter>>Filter Library>>Texture; the parameters are as (Picture 5), the picture is not very good because I can’t copy it directly This screen, so other methods are used), the parameters can be defined according to personal preferences.

(Figure 5)

Step 6: Adjust according to (Figure 6), select the parameters framed in the red box, the blending mode is: Multiply; the transparency is: 70%. This Then the effect will come out. If you think it is dark, you can use curves (CTRL M) to adjust it.

(Picture 6)

The last step: Because the shooting angle of each picture is different, the light is also different, the parameters can be adjusted according to your own situation. I adjusted a different color (Picture 7)


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