1024programmer Photoshop A simple method to use PS to optimize digital photos – landscape color correction

A simple method to use PS to optimize digital photos – landscape color correction

A simple processing method for optimizing digital photos using PS. Photos taken with a camera are subject to many factors, so it is not always possible to get perfect photos directly, even by professional photographers. When the film taken by a traditional camera is developed into a photo, if the effect is not ideal, it must be corrected during this period. If you want to scan the film into an electronic image to facilitate editing and online communication, post-processing adjustments are also required after scanning the film. Non-professional digital cameras (DC for short) are very popular photography products nowadays. Their shooting effects are affected by more factors, because most photographers are not very skilled, and some of the functions of this type of camera are relatively single. The effect itself is not good enough. Coupled with the shooting environment, weather and other factors, the effect of the original digital photo is often greatly reduced. However, if the photo is printed into a photo, the effect will not be bad, because the output photo is adjusted and photographed at the same time. Paper characteristics, etc. will optimize the effect. Nowadays, many digital photos are exchanged online, or made into one’s own electronic photo albums. When compared with each other, the contrast between those with poor results is even stronger. In fact, with a few simple adjustments, you can make the faded photos look better. The following method is for post-processing photos taken with digital cameras. It is applicable to most digital photos and is a general method. The purpose is Correct photos to a more balanced level, especially suitable for users who post pictures online.

First install the PHOTOSHOP software. The version can be above 5.0. Of course, the newer the version, the better. The photos during processing should be reduced to a certain size firstly to speed up the processing, secondly to reduce the space occupied, and thirdly to facilitate uploading to the Internet and speed up browsing. It is recommended to use a side length of 480 pixels for online communication or electronic photo albums. This example is for beginners in photography, trying to simplify the processing steps in a fool-proof way.

 (1) Open the photo you want to process, then select the part of the frame you want to keep and crop it

 (2) Then adjust the image size according to the size you want to reduce. In this example, the commonly used side length is 480.

(3) Select Auto Contrast in the Image/Adjustment menu, and general pictures can have better correction effects

  (4) Then select automatic color levels. This may not be accurate. If the effect is not good, please skip this step

(5) For some photos with poor color, such as those taken on a cloudy day, adjust the saturation, in this case it is “8”, don’t overdo it

(6) The reduced picture will be blurry, so you need to sharpen it and convert it to Lab mode first

  (7) Select “Brightness” on the channel tool so that sharpening will not affect the color

(8) Select sharpening or USM sharpening in the filter menu. Generally, digital photos can be sharpened directly. It’s ready

(9) Look at the processed photos, the top is the original image, the bottom is The processed photos have obvious effects


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