1024programmer Photoshop About adjusting old photos – my thoughts – character color correction

About adjusting old photos – my thoughts – character color correction

Regarding the adjustment of old photos – my thoughts

Author: Huo Mian Tutorial Source: China Tutorial Network Forum

(Personal opinion, for reference only) First, give the example pictures and The effect created by lazybones experts starts from the histogram. As shown in the picture

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When I got the picture, I first imagined: This is not an old photo! It’s the effect that a PS enthusiast got through an inadvertent image adjustment. Since it was inadvertent, it is likely that I did not study the histogram, but moved things in the channel. Let me start with the channel.
First enter the channel palette

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Did you notice the little blue in the corner of the little girl’s left eye? I found that the most obvious change in the example picture and the adjustment result of Brother Bone is the blue part, so I changed the blue channel to see the result: select the green channel, ctrl A to select all, ctrl C to copy. Then select the blue channel ctrl V to paste. The result is shown in the figure

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We see that the color tone is very similar to the example picture, especially the small patch of blue change in the left corner of the eye is almost the same color as the windmill on the little girl’s hand in the example picture. Of course, at this stage, it doesn’t feel like an old photo, because the pictures provided for practice are too bright, so just adjusting the saturation and brightness will be enough.

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Find some more pictures Try adjusting it down.

The simple ones, we teach you, the profound ones, you share
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