1024programmer Photoshop Close contact with Photoshop CS3 (3): Just one step to replenish blood in photos – character color correction

Close contact with Photoshop CS3 (3): Just one step to replenish blood in photos – character color correction

Photoshop CS3 Close Contact (3): Photo replenishment only takes one step

Author: Xiaotuzi Tutorial source: pconline

The tool I want to introduce to you today is Brightness &Contrast in CS3. You may find it strange, what is there to say about this? Isn’t it already in the early versions of Photoshop? If you think so, you are wrong. In Photoshop CS3, Adobe has comprehensively improved the brightness & contrast function. In the past, we may not use this tool directly – most people may use other tools such as curves and color levels. Make contrast adjustments. Today, experience the new Brightness & Contrast with the author. You will find that the details of Adobe’s software are becoming more and more considerate. First, we open an uncorrected photo (see Figure 1). Of course, this photo is OK, but if I want to give the uncle more blood and make the whole photo more colorful, we will use Brightness & Contrast.

Figure 1

First open Image—Adjustments—Brightness & Contrast (see Figure 2), we can see a Brightness & Contrast dialog box (see Figure 3).

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Figure 2

Picture 3

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You can see that there is an option to use legacy, check this option. This option means to use the Brightness & Contrast function in the old version. We check it here first and use the previous function for color correction so that we can have a comparison. Set the contrast to 25 and the brightness to -17, and you can see the effect (see Figure 4).

Figure 4

After color correction , if you compare it with Figure 1, you will find that the color of the old man and the entire background is more vivid and vivid, but there will be a problem. If you observe the dark and bright parts of the picture, you will find that many details are lost. If you are making a product advertisement, the loss of details will make the entire picture look rough and unrefined, thereby downgrading the product. So in the past, we usually adjusted the image through many steps instead of shaping it in one go. But this redesign of the Brightness & Contrast function will save you a lot of time.
So, this time we remove the check mark in front of use legacy and use the new Brightness & Contrast for color grading, see Figure 5.

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Figure 5

From Figure 5, we can see that although I set the contrast to 53, which is almost twice as high as before, the effect is worse than that in Figure 4 But it needs to be much softer, so we just need to lower the brightness slightly, and we set the brightness to -5, and that’s it.
Finally, let’s compare the effects of the original image and the old and new versions:

Original picture

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Old version of color correction

New version of color correction

After observation, it is not difficult to find that the modified brightness & contrast function can increase the contrast of pictures while retaining more details. In other words, the contrast becomes softer. If you are a photography enthusiast, this feature can help you correct photos faster and better. Although this detail improvement may not seem big, it is more convenient and practical. We teach you the simple ones and the profound ones.�,You come and share
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