1024programmer Photoshop Cool screen renderings – effect tutorial

Cool screen renderings – effect tutorial

The cool picture renderings are purely reposted… I think they look pretty good. I sent them to everyone to learn from. Don’t hit me if you’re not good.
Original picture:


First, open the original image, copy the background, and adjust the coloring you like (use color balance, saturation, etc. Yes)

2. Copy the background copy 2

Third, proceed to background copy 2: filter/brush stroke/hatching , the value is customized, the even one is length 9 sharpening 6 intensity 1

Fourth, copy the background copy 3 and apply filters on it: Filter/Art Effect/Rough Crayon, adjust the values ​​​​by yourself
And add a mask to this layer, and use a brush to remove it. Protruding parts, such as faces, etc. (pictured)

five , add borders to the rest and type slightly.


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