1024programmer Photoshop Creative March 8th Women’s Salon Poster – Live Sign

Creative March 8th Women’s Salon Poster – Live Sign

Creative March 8th Women’s Salon Poster March 8th is a holiday for women, and all female compatriots can have a half-day holiday. After a series of promotional activities during the New Year and Spring Festival, business owners have turned their attention to this year’s Women’s Day and plan to hold some promotional activities suitable for women on this day. Of course, poster design, printing, and posting are indispensable for promotional activities.
How can you design a feminine poster that feels stylish and modern? We can use some ready-made materials on the Internet and process them with Photoshop to quickly create such a March 8th Festival poster. Below we use Photoshop to design a poster with the theme of women’s beauty salon, and we sincerely invite ladies to visit the women’s salon on March 8th.

The comparison effect before and after the poster design is shown in Figure 1. To complete such a work, in addition to an image of a lady, you also need to prepare a decorative poster of flowers. Other embellishment elements can be processed using the built-in functions of Photoshop.

Figure 1

1. Processing character images

The poster image in Figure 1 reprocesses the color of the character image, making the original natural color Character images become fashionable and beautiful. Open the original character image in Photoshop, make a copy of the layer in the layer, and then select the “Decolor” option in the “Adjustment” of the “Image” menu to remove the color of the copy layer image (Figure 2).

Figure 2

At this time, set the layer mode of the copy layer to “Linear Light” on the layer panel, so that when the image of the layer copy is covered on the base map, the tone of the base map will be displayed, and The whole picture feels much more beautiful than the original picture (Picture 3).

Figure 3

Create a new layer, use the lasso tool to select the selected areas at the eyes and mouth of the character, and fill them with green and golden colors (Picture 4). You can also choose to fill according to your own feelings. color.

Figure 4

After the filling is completed, the picture looks a bit scary, but after we change the layer mode to “Color” (Figure 5) or “Overlay”, the effect will be cool.

Figure 5

2. Making the background screen

After reprocessing the color of the character image, the screen feels a bit cool, but the screen feels It is still relatively monotonous, so we choose flowers that ladies like to embellish the background of the picture. First find a flower material picture, and then select the flower part (Figure 6).

Figure 6

Overlay the flower image onto the previously designed image, and then change the layer mode to “Overlay”, so that the flower image will not cover the characters in the picture, but also allow the background of the picture to be enriched (Figure 7).

Figure 7

The unmodified background image does not look fashionable and beautiful enough in color. Now copy the flower image into a copy layer in the layer panel. The newly obtained layer copy still retains the “overlay” layer mode. Still select this layer copy, and then select the “Rough Crayon” filter (Figure 8) under “Artistic Effects” in the “Filter” menu of Photoshop to change the style of the image. The crayon-style background image will look more fashionable.

Figure 8

Three , Add poster text

The characters and background images of the poster have been processed. Now you need to add text content to show the theme of the poster. First, adjust the background color of the image where you want to add text. Use a rectangular marquee to select the part of the screen where you want to add text, and then create a new blank layer. Use the gradient fill tool to fill the selected location with color (Figure 9).

Figure 9

After setting the layer mode to “Overlay” effect, the added layer color blocks will look very coordinated with the picture. At this time, you can also use the same method to create a new layer and add other Color, and then set the layer mode to “Linear Dodge” to blend it with the next layer (Figure 10).

Figure 10

Now “write” the poster’s promotional content text, promotion date and other information onto the poster screen, then adjust the color of the text, and set the stroke of the text in the layer “Blending Mode” Color, so that they can appear more clearly on the background image (Figure 11).

Figure 11

The name of the store that issues the poster invitation can be designed to be a little more special. We can create a new layer and use a rectangular selection box to select a position in the poster and fill it with a rainbow gradient color (Figure 12).

Figure 12

Next, use the “Motion Blur” filter in “Blur” under the “Filter” menu to process this regular colored rectangle. Use the “Motion Blur” filter twice and once to blur the angle. is 90 degrees, and the angle of primary blur is 0 degrees, so the rainbow rectangle looks more random after processing (Figure 13).

Figure 13

Finally enter the name of the store, move the text above the colored rectangle, and add a “bevel/embossed” effect to the text in the layer “Blending Options”. Set the effect style to “Pillow Relief”, the method to “Carve Clear”, and leave other parameters unchanged. Also select the “Stroke” option to add a 2-pixel white border to the text (Figure 14). Finally, change the layer mode of the text to the “overlay” effect, and the text will have a rainbow effect on the screen. In this way, a complete March 8th Festival promotion poster is completed.

Figure 14



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