1024programmer Photoshop Dream Water Town – PHOTOSHOP One Picture and Four Effects – Effect Tutorial

Dream Water Town – PHOTOSHOP One Picture and Four Effects – Effect Tutorial

Dream Water Town – One Picture and Four Effects in PHOTOSHOP

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Original pictures and renderings:
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2007-6-13 04:22
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2007-6-13 04:22
3.jpg (112.81 KB)
2007-6-13 04:22
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2007-6-13 04:22
  5.jpg (158.19 KB)
2007-6-13 04:22

Effect 1:

1. Use PS’s own filter smear stick to process it. The data is as follows:

2. Apply with painting Simply handle it

3. Press SHIFT ALT CTRL ~select the highlight part and fill it with white

4. Stamp the layer and create a woodcut effect. Pay attention to the high fidelity

5. Perform the following hue/Adjustment of saturation

6. Enhance the brightness and contrast

7. Stamp the layer (SHIFT ALT CTRL E), copy one layer, set it to Screen and reduce the opacity

8. Carry out gradient mapping, the approximate color is as shown below

9. Use curves to lower highlights

10. Apply a line drawing effect to the background image (decolorize the background, copy one layer, invert, minimum value 1, change to linear dodge, merge layers), and perform multiplication

11. Then adjust the brightness and contrast

12. Stamp again and operate the texture filter. The opacity can be reduced as you like


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