1024programmer Photoshop How to calculate the selection area size in Photoshop – Beginner’s Tutorial

How to calculate the selection area size in Photoshop – Beginner’s Tutorial

How to calculate the area size of a selection in Photoshop Author: bones Date: 2006-11-4 22:34:26 Source: bonesblog

Today I met someone asking how to calculate the area in Photoshop. It was funny at first, but looking back, maybe someone really needs to use this.

In fact, Photoshop has long had tools to tell us the size of the selection area, but we may not pay attention to it at ordinary times.

 Calculation of the area of ​​rectangular selection in Photoshop

Open a picture in Photoshop.

First, calculate the area of ​​a rectangle and make a Rectangular selection

In the information palette Corresponding data can be seen.

From the above data, we can see that in inches, the area held is 1.972 × 1.194 = 2.354568 square inches.
At this step, I estimate that a lot of tomatoes and rotten eggs will hit me. Don’t worry, I made this rectangular selection area just to verify the accuracy of my method.
Next, open the Histogram Palette. Few people look at the “statistical data” of the histogram.

 Attention:Here is a “pixel: 12212” data, which means there are 12212 pixels in the selection.

Insert some basic knowledge:
The smallest unit of an image is a pixel
The resolution of an image is “pixel/inch” or “pixel/cm”, which we usually call 72 The resolution refers to 72 pixels/inch, which means that there are 72 pixels in the length of 1 inch, and there will be 72×72=5184 pixels in 1 square inch.

Understanding this knowledge, we can calculate the area of ​​12212 pixels: 12212÷5184=2.3557098765432098765432098765432 square inches. Compare it with the above data. Is it consistent?

Calculating the area of ​​other shape selections in Photoshop

Select the top surface of the matchbox in the image with a selection.

View the pixels in the histogram palette Size

Use the formula just now to calculate the area size of the selection.

However, I would like to remind everyone that the size of the area is determined by the resolution of the image itself. The greater the resolution, the smaller the area will be without increasing the number of pixels.

Note: 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. We will teach you the simple ones, and you will share the profound ones

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