1024programmer Photoshop How to create a personalized signature with simple color mixing… – Anime sign

How to create a personalized signature with simple color mixing… – Anime sign

How to create a personalized signature with simple color mixing…

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1. Open the material image, bring up the optional color panel, and adjust the values ​​as shown below

2. Duplicate a layer, filter color, adjust the transparency as shown in the picture, filter–blur–dynamic blur, adjust the value as shown in the 2 pictures below, soften the image

3 Create a new layer, paint this layer black, and then select a color

4. Use an eraser tool to erase the black part of the red umbrella. When erasing, be careful not to erase the outside of the umbrella. Use a paintbrush to fill in the leaked color

5 Adjust the contrast, as shown in the figure below, and the red will become brighter

6 Call up the photo filter panel, select dark blue, and adjust the values ​​as follows

Flat layers, press the Q key to enter the quick mask, use a brush to paint the character, exit the quick mask, you can see that the character has been selected, filter—blur— Gaussian blur. The adjustment values ​​are as follows. Highlight the subject. Depth of field effect completed

7 The next step is to decorate. Enter the word “umbrella” in the picture, go to Filter—Stylize—Wind, adjust the text transparency, then copy the text layer and filter it. Mirror—Pixelize—Fragment three or four times, and sharpen twice

8. Create a new layer, use a rectangular selection to draw a horizontal selection, fill it with color with a brush, adjust the transparency to 0, and then draw a vertical selection. The method is the same as above. Then use a gray stroke, select the line type to deepen the stroke, filter—pixelate—fragment to the effect you are satisfied with, and sharpen until you are satisfied with the effect.

Create a new layer and brush it with the starry sky brush. Just brush it once in the appropriate position, and then add the text.

Finally create a new layer, set the foreground color to gray, use a smear brush to brush it, select twill, and adjust the transparency to your satisfactionFinally, use the eraser tool to erase the white middle part of the cross decoration you just made. Signature completed

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