1024programmer Photoshop How to decipher color grading in Photoshop – landscape color grading

How to decipher color grading in Photoshop – landscape color grading

How to Decrypt Color Correction in Photoshop This article was originally created by lazybones, an expert from China Tutorial Network
There is a picture that requires color correction. The original picture is above and the result image is below. I think the effect of the result image is pretty good, so I tried it myself. I took a look and recorded my practice so that friends who like color mixing can refer to it.
Let me briefly talk about my ideas in color adjustment
If you want to adjust the color the same as others, you must first compare other people’s materials and results and find out the differences before making corresponding adjustments. After comparing the original image and the result, I think we should make a fuss about the comparison of the image first. The contrast of the result image is stronger than the contrast of the material image. Then we can use the “Level” or “Curve” command here to enhance the contrast of the image. Compared.
To enhance the contrast of the image, the bright parts will be brighter and the dark parts will be darker. After executing the “Levels” or “Curves” command, in the pop-up dialog box, use the small eyedropper tool area below. three points and click the “OK” button to complete the adjustment to enhance the contrast.
Comparing the original image and the resulting image again, you will find that although the contrast in brightness seems to be enhanced, The saturation has been reduced a lot, so we execute the “Hue/Saturation” command to reduce the saturation of the image.
Comparing the reduced saturation image with the result image, it is found that there is still a difference. It is obvious that this effect I had to add a color mask, so I immediately thought of the “Photo Filter” command. After using it, the effect did not achieve the expected effect, so I was very disappointed. However, I am a lazy person and I will not think about problems that I can’t think of, so I fell asleep on the bed, feeling dazed. After getting up half asleep, I casually added a new layer to the picture and painted it green.
Change the layer’s blending mode to “Color”, compare it with the rendering again, and find the following The color of half of it was OK, but the difference was in the upper half, so the light flashed and I double-clicked on the layer thumbnail. In the pop-up layer style dialog box, set the “Mixed Color Band” as shown in the figure below (the small triangle needs to be separated by holding down the Alt key)
Click the “OK” button to complete the color correction
We will teach you the simple ones, and you will share the profound ones

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