1024programmer Photoshop How to make the colors of flowers more vivid in photoshop – landscape coloring

How to make the colors of flowers more vivid in photoshop – landscape coloring

Look at the original picture first


1. 1. Image-Adjustment-Shadow/Highlight, the data is as follows:

Because the original image is too dark, there will be noise after brightening, so we will next perform noise reduction processing on the areas with noise. Since there are many ways to reduce noise, I won’t map it. I used the noise reduction filter. Of course, without the noise reduction filter, you can also copy a layer and put it under Gaussian blur, add a mask and fill it with black, and use a white brush to paint the areas with noise. The following pictures are provided for friends who are new to PS software,
(Masters, don’t laugh at me)

Okay, now we find that the excessive grayscale of the picture affects the color of the lotus, and the color is not bright enough.
There are many methods, the one I use here is to use brightness and contrast. You can go to Image-Adjustment-Brightness and Contrast and click the adjustment layer at the bottom of the layer panel. Just press a button over the mask. In this way, if you are not satisfied with any part, you can make masked changes. (I’m a bit verbose. Haha, please forgive me.)

This ends the simple 2 steps. Through the above, I hope my friends can adjust better.

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