1024programmer Photoshop [IR animation tutorial] [GIF animation production. ] – Animation Tutorial

[IR animation tutorial] [GIF animation production. ] – Animation Tutorial

【GIF animation production. 】Send renderings

First open the image you want to make

My renderings used 4 photos, 5 photos are also acceptable, it depends on your preference
Then create a new file
The size of my pictures is determined based on the size of my own photos, and the same is true for yours.
Then throw your pictures into your new file one by one
Then click the button at the bottom of the toolbox on the left
Now switch to Imageready
In the picture, let the first picture be displayed, and the others are hidden
There is an animation bar at the bottom, click the new button
Then let the first two pictures display
Then and so on, let the first three pictures be displayed
Then also create a new one, so that all four pictures will be displayed
Adjust the seconds of the animation when finished
Finally, press Alt Ctrl Shift S to save the appropriate adjustment.
Everything is OK, and you can see the effect map.

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