1024programmer Photoshop [IR animation tutorial] IR tutorial: Fan Bingbing playing basketball animation – animation tutorial

[IR animation tutorial] IR tutorial: Fan Bingbing playing basketball animation – animation tutorial

IR Tutorial: Fan Bingbing Playing Basketball Dynamic Picture Author: Sweetwitch Source: eNet Silicon Valley Power
This Imageready small example creates an interesting animation effect of MM shooting a ball. Let’s take a look at the completed picture first:

Picture: Final effect

Production steps:

1. Open Imageready. If you can’t find the program, you can open it from Photoshop. The arrow-like button at the bottom of the toolbar is there.

Picture: Open Imageready

2. Open a material picture. The pose of a beautiful woman is very suitable for processing into the action of shooting a ball.

Picture: Open the material picture

3. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to select a part of the arm, and disconnect the selection from the joints.

Picture: Select part of the arm

 4. Hold down the Alt key and use the magic wand tool to click on the white area in the polygonal selection to get the arm selection.

Picture: Get arm selection

5. Ctrl+J duplicates two separate arm layers twice, naming them Hand 1 and Hand 2 respectively.

Picture: Copy two separate arms Layer

 6. Use the Clone Stamp tool to erase the arms of the original beauty layer.

Picture: Use the imitation stamp tool to erase
< 7. Select hand 2 and adjust Ctrl T to the following position.

Picture: Ctrl T adjustment Go to the following position

 8. Open a basketball picture.

Picture: Open a basketball picture

9. Use magnets Use the Lasso tool to select a basketball.

Picture: Magnetic Lasso Use the tool to select a basketball

10. Use the move tool to drag the basketball into the beauty picture. Ctrl T to adjust to appropriate size.

Picture: Ctrl T to adjust to the appropriate size

11. Select frame 1 in the animation window, set the display time to 0.2 seconds, hide hand 2, and place the basketball under hand 1.

Picture: Place the basketball Under hand 1

12. Click the copy button in the red circle to copy 1 frame, select this frame, hide hand 1, and move the basketball to the ground.

Picture: Move the basketball to the ground

 13. Execute menu/File/Save optimization results as, save, complete!

Picture: Final rendering


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