1024programmer Photoshop Photo color grading series: Create “Philippine” style gray tone fashion – character color grading

Photo color grading series: Create “Philippine” style gray tone fashion – character color grading

Photo Color Mixing Series: Shaping the “Philippine” style with gray-toned fashion. The author saw a commercial advertisement with this tone in a fashion magazine today. I thought it was very good, and it is a commonly used method in many advertisements and album promotions; for example, in Faye Wong’s related promotions We often see pictures of this style in:


1. Open the material image, press Ctrl U to execute “Hue/Saturation”, first red Edit to reduce the saturation and lightness of the red. Then select yellow for editing and reduce the saturation and brightness of the yellow. You can control the parameters according to the original color of the photo.

2. Press Ctrl L, execute “Levels”, and adjust the light, shade and contrast. It is also necessary to make “curve” adjustments.

3. Now I find a problem, which is a bit complicated. Color is mixed in, such as the edges of hair and faces. Next, we still press Ctrl U to execute “Levels”, select “Magenta” for editing, and lower the brightness. If you encounter a similar situation again, you will handle it this way, but this situation rarely occurs. In fact, the purple edges of digital photos are also processed in this way.

Let’s practice adjusting two more Take a look:
Second picture:


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