1024programmer Photoshop Photo Manipulation: Bright Smiling Faces in Bright Weather – Photo Compositing

Photo Manipulation: Bright Smiling Faces in Bright Weather – Photo Compositing

Photo processing: Bright smiling faces in bright weather, blue sky, white clouds, relaxed and happy mood, what a wonderful life! Unfortunately, in reality, the sky is not always clear, and when the sky becomes clear, our mood may not be relaxed and happy. In this way, wouldn’t it be difficult to realize our wish to use photos to capture bright smiling faces in bright weather? Fortunately, we have Photoshop, which can make up for our regrets. This example uses Photoshop 7 as an example to describe the operation process. The operation steps in other versions are basically similar.
Run Photoshop and open one of our photos that needs to be modified.


The smear must run through the entire image without leaving any breaks; for more complex edges, you can smear it more heavily; in addition, be careful not to ignore the edges exposed in the gaps between the trees. Small areas of sky; for places where there is too much smear, you can use the Eraser Tool (shortcut key E) to erase it. After the painting is completed, select the fill tool (the shortcut key is G) and click to fill the part of the image that needs to be retained, that is, the part where the girl is, with transparent blue. Set Smoothness to 2 in the options bar and press the OK button. We see that the white background of the image has become transparent, which means that the foreground part has been “extracted” by us.

2. Make a blue sky

On the layer palette, we noticed that the original background layer has become Create a normal layer “Layer 0” and name it “Foreground”. Hold down the Ctrl key and click the “Create New Layer” button at the bottom of the palette, create a new layer under the “Foreground” layer, and name it “Blue Sky”. Click the foreground color block on the toolbar, and in the pop-up color picker dialog box, set the foreground color to blue with color values ​​​​of R50, G110, and B210. Then use the same method to set the background color to the light blue of R120, G180, and B250. Select the Gradient Tool (the shortcut key is G), select the gradient from the foreground color to the background color in the Gradient Color Picker on the Options Bar, then click above the transparent area in the image and drag diagonally downward until Above the trees, you get a blue gradient sky.


 3. Make white clouds

The sky now is too pure and looks too fake. We use a few A white cloud to embellish it. Press the D key to return the foreground and background colors to the default black and white. On the Channels palette, click the Create New Channel button to create a new channel Alpha 1. Hold down the Alt key and select the menu command “Filter→Render→Layered Clouds” by holding down the Alt key while clicking the left mouse button and dragging on the menu until you release on the desired menu item. The result of executing this command is to create a highly contrasting cloud-like effect within the channel.


Hold down the Ctrl key and click on channel Alpha 1 to load the white part of the channel as a selection. Go back to the Layers palette, create a new layer between the “Blue Sky” and “Foreground” layers, and name it “White Clouds”. Then press the Ctrl BackSpace key and fill the selection with white as the background color.This adds patches of white clouds to the blue sky.


Then press the Ctrl D key to cancel the selection.

4. Final adjustments

If you feel that there are too many white clouds, which are a bit overwhelming, or the clouds somewhere feel bad, you can Select the Eraser Tool (the shortcut key is E), and select a soft-angle brush with a larger size (such as 100) on the option bar. Adjust the opacity to about 80%, confirm that the current layer is “White Cloud”, and then add Click and smudge to erase excess and unsightly white clouds. Finally, we got a beautiful photo under the blue sky and white clouds.


In the process of using Photoshop to modify photos, “removing the background” is a frequently used operation, which is to remove the background without leaving any trace. The key lies in how to accurately select Background issues. Photoshop provides us with a variety of selection tools. We should choose the most appropriate tool according to the actual situation. As the saying goes, “If you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools.” The “Pull out” command that has appeared since version 6 makes memorization work more flexible and convenient. In this example, we also used the Layered Clouds filter to create white clouds, which is a very useful filter. By changing the foreground and background colors, you can get cloud-like effects of various colors, which can be used to create a variety of textures and patterns; the Alt key can adjust the contrast of the clouds; using this filter continuously, you can also get a lightning-like effect simply and quickly


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