1024programmer Photoshop Photoshop clipping example tutorial: Comic character clipping method – other cutouts

Photoshop clipping example tutorial: Comic character clipping method – other cutouts

Published on 2007-9-8 10:30 Photoshop example tutorial: comic character deduction method Author: cooluuq Source: Photo Processing Network PS Tutorial Forum: http://bbs.16xx8.com

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of other people’s methods of deducting pictures, so I’d like to talk about my techniques of deducting pictures and save some coins, hehe! Now the kind of button image I want to talk about is specially suitable for comic button image~~ (I am using PS CS3). Now I will show you my original material. This material is really hard to find~ ~

Now I will slowly type the tutorial on it~~
First, let’s take a look at your pictures and status Is the column the same as mine~

Because I accidentally overstepped a step, the following steps are a little troublesome~~~ You need to see clearly~~

Finally, if you want to find a background, I will not look for that background and just make a solid color demonstration~~ Hehe (I The laziest~~)

Done, now I attach my action. You can load it and run it You can put it down and use it to pull! However, this button picture needs to be adjusted as needed, otherwise the action is universal and we don’t need to learn PS pull~~

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