1024programmer Photoshop photoshop effect tutorial: simple romantic photos – character coloring

photoshop effect tutorial: simple romantic photos – character coloring

Photoshop makes it easy to create romantic non-mainstream photos. This article will teach you how to process photos of you and your husband into romantic non-mainstream pictures! The non-mainstream photo production software we use is photoshop. It is precisely because of it that we can make the photos into non-mainstream romantic photos. Okay, now let’s watch the tutorial


The image after processing above, let’s look at the original image below.

Okay, now let’s look at the non-mainstream production process. Open the original image, Ctrl + B color balance, and set the parameters color balance: +36, +14, +33

Set the color levels of color balance:-16,+6,+20

Set color balance:0,0,-38

Create a new blank layer, change the layer blending mode to Screen, and change the layer opacity to: 70%, then use the brush tool to slowly smear, and use different colors to smear different places. It’s OK to get it to the look you like. And add some little white dots.

Create a new layer and press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E to stamp the layer, use the pen tool to draw a heart-shaped path, and press Ctrl + Enter to turn it into a selection

Press Ctrl + J to duplicate the heart-shaped part of the image, execute the menu: Filter Blur Gaussian Blur, the value is 12, double-click the layer after confirmation to bring up the layer style, select Outer Glow, The parameter settings are as shown below

Use the blur tool to blur the areas in your heart except for the characters, and then adjust the image size to complete the final effect


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