1024programmer Photoshop Photoshop mouse painting tutorial: verdant spring bamboo with a bit of country feel – mouse painting tutorial

Photoshop mouse painting tutorial: verdant spring bamboo with a bit of country feel – mouse painting tutorial

Author: Guoguo PS Source: China Tutorial Network
Introduction: This article introduces the use of PS to draw green spring bamboo. It mainly uses tools such as selection tools, brushes, paths, darkening and dodges. It is suitable for I hope it can be helpful to friends who have a certain art foundation.
In response to the requests of several community members, I will post a tutorial. I’m really embarrassed to take it out. I also ask all experts to bear with me.

1. Create a new file of 500*500 with a background from light blue to dark green

2. Create a rectangular selection

3. Fill with gradient, light green on both sides and dark green in the middle (linear)

4. CTRL+T, shrink it and then use a brush to draw bamboo sections as shown below. Use the Dodge Tool to lighten the color below the bamboo sections. Exposure is 7

5. Copy a few more copies and then overlap them. Note that the interface above should also be dodged.

6. CTRL+T to reduce the overall size, and then make a copy for later use. (The bamboo layers should be merged before overall reduction)

7. Combine the two sections into one, and use the dodge tool to lighten the interface

8. Copy the big and small bamboos as shown in the picture. Pay attention to the color of the big and small bamboos. Can be adjusted with CTRL+U. Use the Burn and Dodge tool to slightly process the interface.

9. Use a brush to draw the bamboo branches as shown below. Set the brush parameters as shown below.

10. Use a pen to outline the leaf path (multiple states)

11. Convert leaf paths into selections.

12. Fill the selection with green and use the burn tool to deepen the roots.

13. Make other leaves in the same way, convert it to a selection, fill it, deepen the root, and then arrange the leaves of each shape together.

14. Outline the stone path.

15. After converting to a selection, fill it with gray and black. Then use the Burn and Dodge tool to paint out the highlights and shadows. Then scale it to the appropriate size (as shown in the picture). The specific modification process is briefly mentioned.

16. Copy multiple copies and place them well, blurring the edges. Masks available.

17. Draw the big rocks in the same way, and use a brush to slightly modify the edges. The brush should be less opaque.

18. Use a pen to outline the path of the bamboo shoots.

19. Convert to selection filled with black.

20. Outline the top leaves.

21. Convert the selection to filled with green.

22. Outline the leaves on the side.

23. Convert it to a selection and fill it with green, then copy it and place it on the other side.

24. Integrate the bamboo shoots and reduce them, then use the brush and burn and dodge tools to modify them. Darken the sides and lighten the middle. Place it behind the stone.

25. Copy a bamboo shoot and shrink it.

26. Use a brush to paint some soil on the roots, color #7F6619, and blur the edges with the blur tool.

27. Outline the path of the swallow.

28. Swallow Convert the path to a selection and fill it with black, make a copy and then shrink it appropriately and blur it. If you do this, you will be considered a great success. Finally, use a brush to reduce the transparency, slightly modify the edge of the stone, and add your own signature.


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