1024programmer Photoshop Photoshop non-mainstream portrait synthesis effect – character color correction

Photoshop non-mainstream portrait synthesis effect – character color correction

Photoshop non-mainstream portrait synthesis effect

Tutorial section:
Introduction: Due to time constraints, this site does not provide detailed tutorials on how to make. If you are interested, you can search for relevant tutorials online. Or go to the library website to search for similar materials.
1. Open our three cable material pictures. Use the mobile tool to place it inside an image and perform operations. We have renamed the pictures for everyone’s convenience.
2. Change the size and position of the main character layer. Use free transform to work ctrl+T(Tips: Making character drawings In order to keep the character from deforming we usually Hold down the SHIFT key when using Free Transform and scale proportionally).

3. Then pick out the main character layer. There are many ways to pick out people on the Internet. This site directly uses LayerMask The span> tool simply erases the black background portion.

4. Create a new layer ctrl+shift+alt+n Use the rectangular marquee tool to draw a rectangle and fill it with any color.
5. Use the brush tool provided by Allen Brush Station to process the edges. In order to save time on this site, we use PS’s own brushes.

6. Open the eyes of the secondary character layer and activate the secondary character layer to create a clipping mask (PS8.0 press Ctrl+G, PS9.0 Press ctrl+shift+G keys with CS3 version). Move it to the appropriate location, based on your aesthetic decision.
7. Create the text part.

8. Add some modifications. Due to time constraints, we will download a messy brush from the Allen Brush Station. Create a new layer and use a brush to make all four corners bare.

9. Add a solid color fill layer. . The color is: “a89090”, you can adjust it according to your preference. Change the layer blending mode to: “Color Dodge”.

10. Release the finished picture


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