1024programmer Photoshop photoshop perfume commercial advertising example – advertising packaging

photoshop perfume commercial advertising example – advertising packaging

Look at the finished effect first:

1. Create a document with a width of 1200 and a height of 1124, put MM’s photo in it, create a new layer to get layer one, and fill in any dark blue or dark purple, use #210a3a here. Then go to “Filter” > “Render” > “Clouds” and set the blending mode of this layer to “Linear Light”, as shown in the image below.

2. Our goal was to create a really nice high contrast fog and glow effect photo and a dreamy looking night sky. Therefore, what we have to do is to copy MM’s photo, place it on the top layer, and set the blending mode of this layer to “Overlay”, as shown in the picture.

The next step is to fill in the bottom of the billboard. This is the easiest part, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people get stuck here. We will use the brush tool, use the default version of Photoshop CS, and select the “Dune Grass” brush. The version above Cs must have this brush. Set the foreground color to green (any shade, up to you, as long as it provides a natural look) and brush out the grass shape at the bottom of the screen, almost what you see in the image. The default setting for this brush is set to “Scatter” so you don’t have to do any more corrections, saving you a lot of extra work.

The next step is to improve the lace profile.

3. In this step, you can move your personal “graphic material” or download the author’s “layer material” to the canvas and place it in a suitable place. Be careful not to cover the key parts of the base image, as shown in the picture.

4. From here, the shape obscures the beauty, so we need to remove the excess shape and select the eraser tool. Carefully remove the covering from the MM’s body. I recommend using the hard-edged eraser tool, but if you want to blend in very well with the foggy background effect and not make the edges too sharp, I recommend using the 20px soft-edged eraser. Get the picture effect.

5. In this step, we select “Outer Glow” in the layer style to increase the glow. Before applying, make sure the upper shape layer is selected, select the “Layer Style” button in the layer palette, and select the “Outer Glow” command in the pop-up menu. See the picture to set the external lighting parameters.

6. At this point, the main part has been created and the effect as shown in the picture is obtained. Just for aesthetics, you can use a paintbrush to outline a little white light spot on the canvas to simulate the effect of starlight. This is optional of course, if you feel your background is too dull.

7. Since you are building a perfume billboard, you want a perfume bottle. Here you can replace other perfume brands you want to promote. I’m using this here because the sxc.hu. perfume bottle here fits the background. Then find it in the right place on your billboard and use the transform tool to adjust it and place it appropriately to get the image below.

8. Just to highlight the transparent effect of the perfume bottle, here you can set its layer to “Overlay” to obtain the effect as shown below.

9. Then, create a new layer at the top, select the “Brush Tool” and use the brush “Dune Grass” shape again, add a little grass in front of the perfume bottle to create the illusion of a cover, and let it be located on the grass. internal. That’s it. Add text and your perfume logo and get ready to hit the streets of New York!


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