1024programmer Photoshop Photoshop production example: changing lines – background wallpaper

Photoshop production example: changing lines – background wallpaper

It seems that many people have asked how to sit on the changing line before. They usually say that it is more convenient to use vector software. If you use PS, you can only draw a curve, and then use alt+ctrl+shift+t over and over again. Move and copy, but the shape of each line produced this way will be the same, which is relatively rigid.
I tried it and found that it is actually quite simple to use PS to create the changing lines with vector software effect

The method is as follows (if it is a lower version of PS, this method cannot be used because of the lack of deformation function)
First open the menu Edit – Preferences – Wires, Grids, Slices and Counts, and set the grid part as needed. Generally speaking, it should be denser. The default is too sparse.


Create a new file, ctrl+’ to display the grid, enlarge the view, and use the pen tool to draw the path back and forth in a zigzag manner (the nodes will automatically snap to the grid, so it will be drawn quickly)

The final drawing effect will probably be as many lines as needed, so it is not necessary to draw so many lines as shown below:

Save as a custom shape for easy recall in the future:

Now you can draw this shape directly using the shape tool:

After drawing the shape, use the menu Edit-Transform-Warp to transform the shape according to your needs:


After deformation, set the brush tool with a diameter of about 1px~3px (adjust as needed), lower the hardness slightly (to avoid jagged lines if the line is too thin), create a new layer, and stroke the path ,It’s finished.
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