1024programmer Photoshop Photoshop Special Effects: Golden Horse on the Grassland – Effect Tutorial

Photoshop Special Effects: Golden Horse on the Grassland – Effect Tutorial

Photoshop special effects: Golden horses on the grassland Horses are elves on the grassland. Idioms such as thousands of horses galloping, horses coming to success, thousands of troops, spring breeze and horse hoof disease all incorporate people’s love for horses, feelings for horses, and hopes for horses. Next we use Photoshop to turn a horse into a golden horse.
Drawing software: Photoshop CS, other versions are similar.
Production process:
1. Open a horse picture material and a texture material, as shown in Figures 01 and 02.

2. Activate the channel panel, copy a clearer channel, name it Alpha 1 channel, and select the outer outline of the horse, as shown in Figure 03.
3. Copy a channel with richer layers and execute “Filter”, “Blur” and “Gaussian Blur” ” command, set the radius to 4.5 pixels in the pop-up Gaussian blur dialog box, the effect is shown in Figure 04.

Click to see the larger image 4. Press the Ctrl L key and adjust the color levels to make it easier to use The level contrast is more obvious, as shown in Figure 05.
5. Press the Ctrl A key to select all the images and copy the adjusted channels as grayscale images. into the layer. Save the file as a PSD file as a displacement map.
6. Drag the texture image into the file to generate layer 2, and press the Ctrl T key to adjust it to the same size as the file.
7. Select layer 2, execute the “Filter”, “Distort” and “Glass” commands in the menu bar, the glass dialog box will pop up, adjust the distortion and smoothness to the maximum in the dialog box, and select the texture to load. Load the texture. After selecting Load Texture, an open dialog box will pop up. Select the PSD file you just saved. The settings are as shown in Figure 06.

After confirmation, a strong glass effect appears on the screen, as shown in Figure 07.
8. Enter the channel panel, load the Alpha 1 channel into the selection, return to the layer panel, and select Press the Ctrl J key on layer 2 to copy and paste the selection into a new layer. The effect of hiding layer 2 is as shown in Figure 08.
9. Select layer 1, hide layer 3, press Ctrl Alt 4 to change the Alpha 1 channel Load the selection, press the Ctrl I key to invert the selection and delete the background, and then press the Ctrl D key to cancel the selection.
10. Set the foreground color to black and the background color to white. Execute the “Filter”, “Sketch” and “Chrome Yellow” commands in the menu bar. The Chrome Yellow dialog box will pop up. Set the details to 6 and the smoothness to 9. , as shown in Figure 09.
After confirmation, the screen effect is shown in Figure 10, and the image has a strong sense of light.

11. Press the Shift Ctrl F key to execute the fade chrome yellow command, and the fade will pop up In the dialog box, you can adjust the transparency and mode, as shown in Figure 11. Selecting strong light can brighten part of the dark metal texture.
12. After confirmation, display layer 3 and set the layer blending mode of layer 3 to glare. The effect is shown in Figure 12. At this time, the metal material was initially formed, but due to many�Command operation, the details of the Buddha statue are lost a lot, let’s add details below.
13. Select the background layer, press Ctrl Alt 4 keys to load the Alpha channel into the selection, and then press Ctrl Use the J key to copy and paste the selection into a new layer, which is layer 4. Drag layer 4 above layer 3, and set the layer blending mode of layer 4 to hard light. The effect is as shown in Figure 13.
14. Colorize layer 4 and press the Ctrl U key to pop up the hue/saturation dialog box , check the coloring and preview icons, adjust the hue to yellowish brown, strengthen the saturation, and reduce the brightness. The settings are as shown in Figure 14. The screen effect is shown in Figure 15.
15. The metal texture is not very strong yet. Press the Ctrl L key to pop up the Color Levels dialog box and drag The black and white triangle sliders at both ends enhance the contrast of the picture. After confirmation, the picture becomes brighter and the texture becomes stronger, as shown in Figure 16.

Click to see the larger picture 16. Finally adjust the hue/saturation, replace the color, and curve and color levels and other commands until satisfied. After adding the outer glow effect, the settings are shown in Figure 17. The final effect of the screen is shown in Figure 18.
The simple ones, we teach you, the profound ones, you share

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