1024programmer Photoshop Photoshop to Create a Beautiful Girlfriend in “Little Pony King” – Mouse Drawing Tutorial

Photoshop to Create a Beautiful Girlfriend in “Little Pony King” – Mouse Drawing Tutorial

Photoshop to create the beautiful girlfriend of “Little Pony King” Author: Xi Shui Wuhen Source: eNet Silicon Valley Power
Take a look at the effect first:

As shown in the picture, first outline a simple shape

Use a color pen to outline the details of the body and legs along the outline. Pay attention to the texture of your muscles.

Remove the outline layer, and then outline the mane of the pony.

Next, outline the facial features, saddle, and neck muscles.

Start coloring, first fill the horse’s body and face with dark brown, pay attention Create a new layer of fill below the outline, otherwise the outline will be covered.

Then start painting the brightness part of the horse’s body. Duplicate the color layer of the horse you just painted, and change the dark brown color of the lower layer to earthy yellow. Then use the eraser tool to change the opacity to 10%, as shown in the picture, erase the sun-facing part of the horse’s body in the dark brown layer to highlight the sun’s tone. Use the same method to fill in the color of the mane.

The white part of the lower limbs is first filled with off-white, and then the bright parts are dimmer.

Choose a grassland picture for the background, as shown in the picture

Adjust the background curve to enhance the contrast of the background (the background effect can be adjusted according to your own preferences.)

Complete picture:

We will teach you the simple ones, and you will share the profound ones

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