1024programmer Photoshop photoshop tutorial: making a cube rubik’s cube effect – effect tutorial

photoshop tutorial: making a cube rubik’s cube effect – effect tutorial

This photoshop tutorial aims to illustrate how to get the correct sense of space for a cube skin by using images.
Below is the rendering.

1. Open the picture, create a new layer, and use the rectangular marquee tool to pull A 250*250px selection is filled with different colors. Just fill it with black here.

Enter the forum discussion: http://bbs.16xx8.com/viewthread .php?tid=4219022. In addition, create a new layer and add two square areas to cover the image as much as possible. Select one of the loading selections, select the background layer, and ctrl+c to copy the image.

3. Open the Rubik’s Cube image, ctrl+v to paste the image, and name it skin 1.

4. Select skin 1, perform edit deformation and distortion to fit the image shape A facet of a Rubik’s Cube.

5. Return to the main canvas and perform the same operations as above to make the Rubik’s Cube All sides are covered with skin.

6. Copy the images of each skin layer Change the layer blending mode to Multiply.

7. Finally, use a slightly harder eraser tool to clear the gaps in the Rubik’s Cube Erase any unclear areas of skin and you’re done.

Final effect:



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