1024programmer Photoshop Photoshop Tutorial: Use paths to create dazzling colorful butterflies – Mouse Painting Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial: Use paths to create dazzling colorful butterflies – Mouse Painting Tutorial

Published on 2007-9-3 09:10 Photoshop tutorial: Use paths to create dazzling colorful butterflies Author: Anonymous Source: Internet collection PS tutorial forum: http://bbs.16xx8.com

Photoshop tutorial : Use paths to create dazzling colorful butterflies

1. Create a new document with a file size of 500×500, an image mode of RGB, and a black background. Create a new layer and use the pen tool to draw a Petal shape, the effect is as shown below:

2. Right-click Select ‘Create Selection’ on the drawn path, set the feathering radius to: 0, check: Anti-aliasing, and then fill the selection with white. The effect is as follows:

3. Press Ctrl Alt D to feather the selected area. The feathering radius is: 5 (you can set it according to the You can set the feather radius according to the size of the graphic), press the DEL key to delete the white in the selection, as shown below:

4. Copy 4 more copies of the newly created layer, and rotate the copied layer to make it smaller, as shown in the following figure:

Warm reminder: I would like to remind the students here. . . When you press Ctrl T to rotate, you can move the rotation center point to the control point in the lower right corner. In this way, the rotated objects will rotate around the same center point.

5. First copy the first petal into two layers, and then apply motion blur to the two copied layers (Filter – Blur – Motion Blur). The blur angle range is -100—80 degrees. Between them, the distance can be within 50. The other petals are also processed in the same way. It should be noted that in dynamic mode, the blur angle range is between -10 and 10 degrees of the tilt angle of the object on this layer. , distance: within 50. The effect after the five petals are completed is as follows.

6. Hide the background layer, press Ctrl Shift E, and combine all other layers except the background layer. Create a new layer and use the gradient tool (gradient color to select your Fill the new layer with your favorite color), and change the composition method of this layer to overlay. The butterfly is now finished, and the effect is as follows.

7. The image below is a butterfly that has been transformed, copied and added with other elements…


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