1024programmer Photoshop PS Beautification Tutorial: Clear and Gray Photos in Three Steps – Skin Resurfacing Tutorial

PS Beautification Tutorial: Clear and Gray Photos in Three Steps – Skin Resurfacing Tutorial

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This tutorial briefly introduces how to sharpen gray photos. Idea: First increase the contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. of the photo, and then adjust the color balance to enhance the corresponding colors in the picture.
Final effect

Original image

1. Open the picture , Shift + Ctrl + L to perform automatic color level processing on the picture.
2. Ctrl+U, open the Hue/Saturation panel and increase the saturation to about 30%.
3. Ctrl+B, open the color balance panel, select the shadows to increase cyan, green, and blue, the value should not exceed 15, select the highlights to increase red, magenta, and yellow, the values ​​are appropriate, not too large, and the midtones are default.
4. Duplicate the layer, perform the filter “Other High Contrast”, value: 1, change the blending mode of the layer to Soft Light, and sharpen the image. If you feel the effect is not good, you can duplicate the duplicate layer again until you are satisfied.
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