1024programmer Photoshop Simple tutorial on drawing cartoon characters in PHOTOSHOP – Mouse Drawing Tutorial

Simple tutorial on drawing cartoon characters in PHOTOSHOP – Mouse Drawing Tutorial

Simple Tutorial on Drawing Cartoon Characters in PHOTOSHOP/Hua Rong Source: Arting365 1. Use paths to draw a selection.
Second, fill in the path.
Third, draw each part of the face in layers.
Fourth, hold down CRTY and click on layer one, invert the selection to delete the excess.
Fifth, use the same method to outline various parts of the body with paths and fill them with the corresponding colors.
Sixth, use a path to outline the mouth in an orphan shape, and then stroke it.
Seven, the general renderings are out.
8. Select the white part of the ear and delete it.
Nine, select the dodge tool, mark the light and dark, and the three-dimensional effect comes out!
10. Use the blur tool to appropriately blur the connection between the white part of the face and the top.
Eleven, select the middle part of the nose, feather it appropriately, and use the Dodge tool to draw a sense of light.
12. Select the white layer above the nose, move it to the upper right corner, and feather 1-2 images. Go to the first layer of the head and lower the brightness (there are many methods, I am just talking about one, you can try more)
Thirteen, because it is a simple cartoon character, the whole character is deepened and subtracted. Just paint the general light and shade, it doesn’t have to be too complicated
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