1024programmer Photoshop Skillfully use Photoshop channels to colorize hand-drawn pictures – Landscape color grading

Skillfully use Photoshop channels to colorize hand-drawn pictures – Landscape color grading

Skillful use of Photoshop channels to color hand-drawn pictures Author: Anonymous Tutorial Source: Tianji.com

I often use online downloads at work Pictures, how to display these pictures in bright colors into your design. Especially let it process pictures that can be printed. Please see the comparison of the two pictures below.

Do you feel that the color of the first cute little angel is more eye-catching and more beautiful?

Let’s take a look inside PHOTOSHOP.

Open the picture of the little angel:

Put it into a new PSD file of about 350 pixels.

1. Use the Photoshop pen tool to cut out the main image, or use Magic Stick tool, of course, if you want to be more precise, you still need to use the pen tool. First, you need to convert the file into cmyk format. Because the color of the picture here is changed according to CMYK.

2. Change the hair part first. It is mainly golden yellow and consists of two colors: M and Y, so we will remove the excess C and K and use the pen tool to select the hair part.

Become a selection, CTRL Enter, and feather it a little. That way it won’t look so stiff when the time comes. What I have here is Feather 1.

Come to channels C and K:

Remove the cyan and black and see if the effect is brighter.

Of course, if your hair seems too light, you can also use the darkening tool to slightly deepen the areas you want to deepen.

There are 4 in this news

3. Next is the face, which is more troublesome. In the same way, use the pen tool to select it. The rough part of the face, the face is also composed of M and Y, but the number of P is smaller. Also delete the C and K channels, but be sure to keep the C and K colors for the eyes and eyebrows. (Remember to feather it a little every time you change the selection).

Look at the effect.

4. But the face is not very beautiful yet, so you need to use the burn tool to add a little red to the face in the red channel. , and the eyebrows and nose lines are deepened. Next is the eyes, which should be adjusted to blue to look more beautiful.

After feathering, I use Curves, CTRL M, and deepen the C channel.

5. The same goes for the mouth. I adjusted it in hue/saturation. Of course, you can also use other way to do it.

This news has a total of 4

6. Below is the conch part selected and turned to red. Delete these two colors in the C and K channels. Then use curves to adjust the red color.

CTRL U adjustment

Use the burn tool to deepen the lines.

Select the body clothing part.

Remove the M and K channels.

The color of the clothes looks better, but it needs to be darker to make it look better.

This news has a total of 4

We need to deepen some folded areas in the channel or using the deepening tool.

Similarly: remove unnecessary colors from the wings and skin of hands and feet in the channel.

The results are as follows:

This is the pear instance processing process that uses channels to change the brightness of the image.

Here are a few examples:

The simple ones, we teach you, the profound ones, you share
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