1024programmer Photoshop Techniques for modeling nose and mouth in cartoons – Technique Tutorial

Techniques for modeling nose and mouth in cartoons – Technique Tutorial

The modeling techniques of nose and mouth in cartoons Author: sutroon Date: 2006-11-4 23:18:34 Source: Shanba Web Teaching Network
The shapes of noses and mouths in cartoons are very delicate and cute, we can Learn step by step by practicing a variety of different styles. I hope the examples below will help you learn something.

The left side of the picture above is the basic animation style nose and mouth.
It consists of three basic simple shapes: a wedge-shaped nose, a slender line for the mouth, and a shorter line defining the lower lip. However, this shorter lower lip line does not have to be drawn.
How to draw: First use a pen to lightly draw some lines to determine the position of the nose and mouth. The size and shape of the nose and mouth can be adjusted according to different characters, but they must be in a straight line. To help positioning, you can draw a vertical auxiliary line as shown in the picture.
The right side of the picture above shows the 3/4 profile of the face, but the mouth and nose are still arranged on a curve, showing that they are in the center of the face.

Drawing the nose and mouth from the side is better than drawing the front or The 3/4 side view is more difficult (in fact, realistic painting is more difficult from the front). The main reason is that the lips are not easy to determine. You cannot use simple straight lines like the one above. You have to draw them honestly by yourself. Our predecessors taught us: overcome all difficulties and strive for victory! If painted well, the effect will be quite good.
The first thing to consider is the curve formed by the nose, lips and chin. The upper lip should curve inward, while the lower lip should curve outward (slightly further back in profile). This is only possible if you practice more, otherwise you may end up with a weird face or a flat mouth.

The lower part of the face consists of some highly contrasting curves composed of. Pay attention to the drawing method of these two pictures. The curve of the nose faces the face, and then slightly curves back to the right above the upper lip. The upper lip curves inward, while the lower lip curves outward. The chin is not a simple straight line, it is a smooth outward curve.

Here are some examples of different styles of mouth and nose. Some can be used for roles of different genders, and I don’t bother to classify them anymore.
Note that in some styles the mouth is just a thin straight line, while in other styles the lips are drawn more nicely. Mouths in animation are generally not too big unless the character is shouting, so they should be drawn relatively small.
Noses are drawn in different ways: some are wedge-shaped, some are shaded, and some are so detailed that you can even see the nostrils. The noses of female characters tend to be smaller and less inked, while the noses of men tend to be longer and more angular.

More side noses are listed here and the shape of the mouth. Even if the proportions and expressions change, the basic shape requirements are still followed. When drawing a face at this angle, be careful not to draw the nose too pointed and the face too flat. The facial curves should be determined appropriately, otherwise the face will look unnatural. We will teach you the simple ones, and you will share the profound ones

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