1024programmer Photoshop “Three axes” for beginners to learn PS – design knowledge

“Three axes” for beginners to learn PS – design knowledge

The “three axes” for beginners to learn PS. When most photographers first learn and use PS, they use “Auto Levels”, “Auto Contrast” and “Color Balance” the most. In Photoshop, a powerful image editing software, There are many ways to adjust images, but the simplest method is the most practical method. Therefore, “Auto Levels”, “Auto Contrast” and “Color Balance” are known as the “three major axes” of PS and are also used by photographers. The three most popular functions will enable you to obtain more satisfactory image effects in most cases.

1. The first axe, automatic color levels
How to use:
1. Use the mouse to select [Image]→[Adjustment]→[ Levels], and then click the [Auto] button
2. Or use the mouse to select [Image] → [Adjustment] → [Auto Levels].
3. [Auto Levels] shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+L.

2. The second axe, automatic contrast
1. Use the mouse to select [Image] → [Adjustment] → [Auto Contrast], and then click the [Auto] button
2. [Auto Contrast] shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+Alt L.

3. The third axe, color balance
1. Use the mouse to select [Image]→[Adjustment]→[Color Balance].
2. Slide appropriately. The corresponding color control bar.

Don’t underestimate these three tools, they are the crystallization of the collective wisdom of many experts and scholars! You can use them individually or in combination according to the situation of the photo, as long as your photo is in When the exposure is basically accurate, the effect is very significant and will add a lot of color to your PP without leaving traces of artificial PS.

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