1024programmer Photoshop Tips for batch processing pictures in Photoshop – Tips and Tutorials

Tips for batch processing pictures in Photoshop – Tips and Tutorials

Photoshop tips for batch processing pictures

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Preliminary steps for batch processing setup

Every time you press the shutter button wildly, you get a massive amount of digital photos. If you want to upload them to the Internet, do you really have to process them one by one? No need, lazy people have their own blessing – batch processing.

1. Early preparation:

Add a folder in the folder where the pictures are located and name it “Processed Photos Folder” to store our processed picture files, so that the original files will not be changed.

2. Set up batch processing in PhotoShop:

1. Open the image file you want to process in PhotoShop, then click the “Window” menu to open the “Action” panel.

Non-mainstream pictures

Figure 1

Tip: If the composition and color of the original picture are not ideal enough, you can crop and color correct the original picture before setting the action.

2. Click the triangle button on the right side of the “Actions” panel and select the “New Action” command in the pop-up menu.

Non-mainstream pictures

Figure 2

3. Set a name and shortcut key for your action in the New Action panel. In this example, the action name is “Blog Picture (Horizontal)” and the shortcut key is “F2”. Then click the “Record” button, the “Start Recording” circular button under the “Action” panel will turn red and pressed, and PS will record each of your action settings.

Non-mainstream pictures

Figure 3

To adjust the image size, right-click the title bar of the image and select the “Image Size” command to pop up the “Image Size” setting panel. In this example, we set the image width to 700 pixels, and the computer will automatically reduce the image height proportionally.

Non-mainstream pictures

Figure 4

5. Add a border to the picture by increasing the width of the canvas. Set the background color in the “Tools” panel to white, right-click the picture title bar, select the “Canvas Size” command, and the “Canvas Size” setting panel pops up. In this example, we increase the width and height of the picture by 1 cm each.

Non-mainstream pictures

Figure 5

After clicking the “OK” button, a white border with a width of 1 cm will be added around the image.

Non-mainstream pictures

Figure 6

6. Use the “Text Tool” to add a personalized signature to the image.

Non-mainstream pictures

Figure 7

7. Save the image: Open the “File” menu, click “Save As”, set the image format to jpg format in the “Save As” panel, and the image saving path is your “Process Photos Folder”.

8. Stop recording: Click the square “Stop Play/Record” button below the “Action” panel to end action recording.

Non-mainstream pictures

Figure 8

3. Run batch processing.

To open your other photos, just click “F2” and the computer will do the rest for you.

4. Friendly reminder:

1. You can add additional actions to vertical photos and set a different shortcut key than horizontal photos;

2. Regarding the setting of the screen border, you can use other methods of setting borders to set personalized borders;

3. The position of the personalized signature should be set so that it does not affect the beauty of the picture.<!–Collectio

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