1024programmer Photoshop Tutorial on how to create a metallic skin effect in photoshop – portrait refinement

Tutorial on how to create a metallic skin effect in photoshop – portrait refinement

Original image

The following are detailed photoshop tutorial steps as follows:
1. Open the material, international practice, ctrl+j to copy one layer, and develop good habits! Then grind the skin however you want, the smoother the better, but be careful not to lose the facial contours of the character. Since everyone knows that I am lazy, I used an external filter here.
The effect is as shown below:

2. Convert the polished picture to LAB color format

Select “Don’t Flatten”

Then create a curve adjustment layer to adjust the curve of the brightness channel as shown below

Everyone on earth knows that the brightness channel of the LAB format only retains light and dark contrast and detail information. The purpose of the curve adjustment here is to increase the image contrast, so adjust according to your own preferences.
3. Create a new “Hue/Saturation” adjustment layer to reduce the saturation of the image. The parameters are arbitrary.

I hope everyone will not be a data addict. As I said before, time is in a hurry, so The effect here is not the best, I hope you can adjust it yourself. In addition, the parameters of each picture are not necessarily the same, so you need to feel it yourself.
4. Ctrl+alt+shift+e stamp the layer. The next step is the most important step. Select the Dodge Tool

Brush highlights on the image. It should be noted here that friends who are not familiar with the dodge and burn tools can easily paint the image. This requires a lot of practice. It is recommended that beginners copy a layer and add a mask so that they can be modified at any time to avoid damaging the image. In order to create a high-gloss layering, you need to change the stroke hardness, exposure and pen tip size at any time for application. Here is a tip for you. For each consecutive stroke of painting (press and hold the left mouse button, once you release it, it will be the next stroke), you can use the ctrl+shift+f gradient command to reduce the dimmer effect just now. In this way, you can create a sense of hierarchy by applying one stroke of gradient. The same method is also applicable to other operations such as brushes.
This step is the essence of the entire tutorial. If you are more careful and patient, the final result will surprise you!
I didn’t know how to do it, so I painted the effect in a hurry as shown below:

, 5. After checking that no modification is required, convert the highlighted image back to RGB format (if a mask is added, stamp it before converting), and select the merged image. Add a “Channel Mixer” adjustment layer. Friends who are not familiar with “Channel Mixer” can read the relevant teaching materials. I won’t go into details here. Think about it, we want to create a bronze (malt color?) skin like Louis Koo, so we need to add yellow. The complementary color of yellow is blue, so we can reduce the blue color of the blue channel for mixing, as shown in the picture. The parameters are arbitrary

The knowledge of hue spectrum is used here. It is recommended that everyone master the annular hue spectrum. Color knowledge, this is also basic knowledge so that you can create your favorite colors in the future.
6. Add “Photo Filter”. We want to moisturize the skin color, so we choose red,

Similarly, the parameters are optional.
7. Stamp the layer. Due to the poor quality of the original material, a few color spots appeared after adjustment. Here I polished the skin again and then sharpened it appropriately.
Well, the effect is coming, let’s try it and see for yourself!


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