1024programmer Photoshop Tutorial on making a signature image using various effects – Effect Tutorial

Tutorial on making a signature image using various effects – Effect Tutorial

Original image of the tutorial for making signature pictures using various effects:


1. First, color balance the picture to create a tone you like.

2. Then create a new layer and edit-pattern This pattern is silk

To make a silk thread, create a new 1×3 pixel transparent image , fill the dotted lines with white, edit/define the pattern

3. Use the eraser tool to remove protruding parts such as the character’s face, such as the skin selection drop* brush.

4. Copy the background layer, mode/overlay (as shown in the picture)

5. Apply the filter/mosaic value to the overlay layer to 35

6. Sharpen the overlay twice (the number of sharpening times varies from picture to picture).

7. In order to prevent the face from mosaic, you can create a new layer on top of the background layer, select the face, feather it, mode overlay, and then use an eraser on the background copy layer to erase the face part, highlighting the facial expressions of the characters.

8. Put stamp material, type, OK bird, LOOK Your homework is more exciting… I will give you the stamp material that I made myself:)

Relevant pictures for this topic are as follows:


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