1024programmer Photoshop Tutorial on removing bloodshot eyes – Effect tutorial

Tutorial on removing bloodshot eyes – Effect tutorial

Tutorial on removing bloodshot eyes. Let’s correct the eyeballs and remove the bloodshot, yellow, etc. from the whites of the eyes. The white part of the eyes in this picture can be repaired or not, because it is very white and there is no bloodshot or yellowish color. I propose it here mainly to let everyone use this method to deal with such situations in the future. .

Select the Lasso tool from the toolbox, Draw a selection around the white eyeball on one side, press [Shift] and draw another selection on the other side until the white eyeball in the entire eye is in the selection.

Enter the selection menu and select the Feather command. Use feathering to soften the border so that the traces of modification are less obvious.

Enter the [Image] menu and select [Hue/ Saturation], when the Hue Saturation dialog box appears, select [Red] from [Edit] at the top (to edit only the red in the picture), then move the [Saturation] slider to the left to reduce the red saturation, (this will eliminate the bloodshot eyes that appear in the whites of the eyes. If they are yellow, choose yellow to reduce the saturation)

In the [Hue/Saturation] dialog box, switch the [Edit] menu to [Full Image] and drag the [Brightness] slider to the right to increase the brightness of the white eyeball. Click [OK], then press ctrl D to cancel the selection and the modification is completed.

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